In 1964, the US Supreme Court had to determine whether or not the state of Ohio may ban the exhibiting of Louis Malle’s film The Lovers on the grounds that it was pornographic. Justice Potter Stewart, writing to strike down the ban, admitted that whereas he couldn’t give a exact definition of obscenity, however, “I know it when I see it.”

Somewhat equally, there’s a whole lot of debate over what meals qualify as “condiments.” Some are fairly apparent: ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. But what about dressings? Bacon bits? Hummus? Rather than give you a condiment definition, definitive condiment record, or file any Supreme Court briefs about it, let’s simply say that any spice, sauce, dip, or topping that provides potent taste or texture to a dish is, for our functions, a condiment.

Many meals can go both method, relying on how you utilize them. Add barbecue sauce to a lentil sloppy joe recipe, and it’s an ingredient. Drizzle it on high of an already baked lentil loaf, and voila — a condiment. Top your salad with ranch dressing, and it’s a condiment. Put it in a bowl subsequent to a uncooked veggie platter, and it’s a dip.

Typically, condiments add sturdy flavors to dishes. They may be candy (maple syrup), salty (soy sauce), spicy (sriracha), savory (tartar sauce), or steadily, a mix. All cultures have their very own well-liked condiments. In truth, condiments are sometimes essentially the most emblematic meals representing specific cultures. Think of Cajun sizzling pepper sauces like Tabasco and Crystal, Indonesian peanut sauce, Japanese miso, and Mexican salsa.

Popular Condiments List

Mustard, mayo, and ketchup condiment botttles

While there are many unique and area of interest condiments (the Wikipedia entry listed so many who my hand received uninterested in scrolling earlier than I reached the P’s in an alphabetical record), many people depend on a brief condiments record after we need to amp up our meals. In the United States it sometimes contains:

  • Ketchup
  • Mayo
  • BBQ & steak sauce
  • Pancake syrup
  • Soy sauce
  • Ranch dressing
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Whipped cream
  • Butter
  • Margarine
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Cheese

The Problem with Most of These Condiments

Woman putting ketchup and mustard on fast food

To be clear, I don’t maintain condiments to the identical requirements of dietary excellence as different meals. If a condiment is a bit excessive in unhealthy fats or sodium, that will not be an enormous deal so long as we deal with it as a condiment. Which is to say, in small quantities. We all know an individual or two who will drown their burgers in ketchup and undergo pancake syrup by the cup as an alternative of the tablespoon. That’s not wholesome! Condiments generally is a bit saltier than our common meals with out inflicting hurt, although solely if we eat them in small quantities.

If a condiment is a bit excessive in unhealthy fats or sodium, that will not be an enormous deal so long as we deal with it as a condiment. Which is to say, in small quantities.

And even after we deal with condiments as condiments, a whole lot of them are problematic. Many mayos and dressings are stuffed with GMO elements like canola or soybean oil. Some condiments strive to pack an additional punch of taste by together with the flavour enhancer MSG, which reportedly could cause complications, coronary heart palpitations, and nausea in inclined folks. And many are stuffed with so-called “natural flavors,” most of that are removed from pure. And they’re deemed secure by the US authorities through varied loopholes that conceal the truth that there’s no testing executed, and we actually don’t know how they’re affecting our well being.

Many condiments are shockingly excessive in added sugar, both because the acquainted white crystals or within the type of excessive fructose corn syrup, which nearly all the time comes from genetically modified corn. They’re additionally fairly often excessive in sodium, which contributes to coronary heart illness. And a whole lot of typical condiments are made fairly with dangerous synthetic meals dyes.

Plenty of the preferred condiments are dairy-based, like shredded cheese, whipped cream, bitter cream, creamy dressings, margarine, and butter. Dairy is linked to most cancers, coronary heart illness, and lots of allergic reactions, in addition to being fraught with environmental and moral considerations.

And most store-bought condiments are extremely processed, with all of the fiber stripped out to intensify the remaining flavors.

Top 10 Healthy Condiments

Crudite with variety of sauces, dips, and spices

But worry not! Just as a result of many well-liked condiments don’t belong in a nutritious diet, doesn’t imply you could have to eat plain celery sticks or bare tofu canines. There are loads of scrumptious and wholesome condiments you should purchase. And a lot of them are literally very easy to make at dwelling, with minimal elements and instruments.

Here are some more healthy condiments that may fulfill your style buds with out damaging the remainder of you:


Of all of the store-bought condiments, mustard is often the cleanest — with the fewest elements. Even a nationwide model like Heinz affords an honest yellow mustard. Its elements embrace distilled white vinegar (warning: it may come from GMO grains), mustard seed, water, salt, turmeric, pure taste, and spices. The solely purple flag right here, aside from doable GMOs within the vinegar, is the “natural flavor.” And, excellent news right here, Heinz natural model of its yellow mustard is non-GMO and pure flavor-free.

Look for mustards which might be coloured with turmeric reasonably than meals dyes (not solely are meals dyes problematic, turmeric is a fairly superb superfood). Whole grain mustards use complete mustard seeds reasonably than floor powder — an additional bonus. And ensure the producer hasn’t added sugar or different flavorings.

Hot Sauce

Most sizzling sauces, like mustards, include just a few key elements like peppers, vinegar, and salt. Vinegar may be wholesome (intention for natural or non-GMO licensed), and sizzling peppers can assist digestion, contribute to wholesome intestine micro organism, and are even related to longer life expectancy.

When selecting a sizzling sauce, be careful for extra sodium. Tabasco’s unique purple sauce has simply 35 mg of sodium per teaspoon-sized serving, whereas Louisiana sizzling sauce delivers 210 mg per serving. But if, like most individuals, you’re consuming your sizzling sauce by the splash, or at most by the teaspoon, sodium doubtless isn’t an enormous concern. A little bit can go a great distance, particularly with names like Spontaneous Combustion, Belligerent Blaze, and Dave’s Insanity Sauce. (And these are the PG ones!)

Fermented Foods

These add a ton of taste and are sometimes excessive in probiotics and nutritional vitamins. Also, they’re much less doubtless to embrace preservatives, for the reason that fermentation course of itself preserves the meals. Look for kimchis and sauerkrauts that want refrigeration. And, if doable, purchase from native, small-batch producers that get their veggies from the farmers close to you. Fermented meals may be very salty, so use them reasonably (or make them the salt supply in a dish). Again, a bit goes a great distance with tangy, and particularly spicy, fermented meals.

Herbs and Spices

Condiments don’t have to be fancy sauces, in fact. Herbs and spices can add new flavors, in addition to deliver out the flavors already in your meals. Researchers discovered that folks loved broccoli way more when flavored with a mix of garlic, onion, pepper, and basil. Fresh or dried thyme leaf is an efficient buddy to beans and lentils. And you may add pop and zest to your steamed carrots, beets, and cauliflower by sprinkling recent or dried dill simply earlier than serving.

Many herbs and spices have highly effective well being advantages, too, so you may take pleasure in each their health-enhancing and culinary properties.

Salsa and Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are a wonderful supply of biotin, potassium, iron, and zinc. They’re the most effective sources of lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces irritation in addition to circumstances associated to oxidative stress. And they’re good for coronary heart well being, too. So deliver on the salsas and tomato sauces!

Classic purple salsa, created from tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno peppers, can perk up bean and lentil dishes, in addition to something within the Tex-Mex class. But you too can shake salsa on actually easy dishes to flip them into satisfying meals. Pour salsa onto a baked potato or a bowl of steamed greens, to go from bland and boring to ultra-yummy. You also can use salsa as a salad dressing, particularly over chunky salads with carrots, bell peppers, purple onions, and tomato wedges.

Even common outdated tomato sauce can function a condiment over baked or air-fried potatoes or candy potatoes, or on high of a freshly reduce bowl of zoodles (zucchini spiralized into noodle shapes). Tomato sauce will get even more healthy and extra flavorful with the addition of mushrooms, garlic, and basil. For a wild time, toss in some chopped olive and purple pepper flakes to create a piquant puttanesca sauce.

You can typically discover clear and natural salsas and tomato sauces in supermarkets (search for decrease sodium and keep away from unhealthy oils and dairy, particularly within the tomato sauces). And another choice is to make your individual. That method, you may have it recent, taste it precisely to your tastes, and maximize the antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals in your condiments.


While most store-bought ketchup comprises a whole lot of sugar (even in healthy-looking natural ones, sugar is usually the second ingredient after tomato paste), you may make your individual tangy and candy, sugar-free model that takes benefit of the synergistic well being results of tomatoes cooked with herbs and spices. If you’re searching for a particular model, Primal Kitchen makes some fairly scrumptious sugar-free ketchup.


Tahini is a paste created from sesame seeds that’s very fashionable in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean international locations, the place it’s used to high falafel, salads, and most important dishes. In its traditional type, the thick paste is blended with a mix of water and lemon juice to a runny consistency, then drizzled over nearly any savory dish. Thanks to the sesame seeds, it offers iron, calcium, and protein, and is nice for coronary heart well being. Tahini is a good substitute for fatty and creamy condiments created from processed oils and dairy.


This spicy root may be grated and used to high veggie dishes, casseroles, and stews. It’s not the “mouth-on-fire” spicy you get from sizzling peppers; as an alternative, it’s extra of the “blow your sinuses off” spicy you may be acquainted with if you happen to’ve eaten sushi with wasabi paste. Horseradish is a dietary in addition to taste powerhouse, sporting anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, in addition to being nice for intestine well being. If you’re questioning about its pedigree, horseradish doesn’t, in actual fact, have any identified historic relationship to giant hooved mammals. Instead, it belongs to the royal household of brassicas, which incorporates dietary superstars like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and different antioxidant heroes.

Fresh and Frozen Fruit

Why not chop some apples and pears in your veggie or rice salad? Or drizzle the defrosted juice and berries from a bag of frozen raspberries onto a inexperienced salad. Fruit provides you sweetness in a wholesome bundle and provides antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. What’s not to love?

Nutritional Yeast

No plant-based record of wholesome condiments can be full with out mentioning the terribly-named but incredibly-delicious dietary yeast, which is available in both flake or powder type. Nooch, because it’s typically known as (and what different meals has a nickname that lovable?) is excessive in plant-based protein and B nutritional vitamins. And it’s steadily deployed as an alternative to cheese. You can combine nooch in a meals processor with calmly pan-roasted nuts and seeds (cashews and sunflower do properly), together with a bit salt and a few caraway and fennel seed), and find yourself with a scrumptious various to grated parmesan cheese for Italian dishes.

Healthy Condiment Recipes

If you like mayonnaise or ketchup, you may definitely discover store-bought variations a lot more healthy than Hellman’s and Heinz. Look for variations with out GMOs, unhealthy oils, sugars, “natural” flavorings. And, within the case of mayonnaise-type merchandise, search for variations made with out industrial eggs. Generally, keep away from any “diet” variations, as these have a tendency to include synthetic sweeteners and presumably bizarre thickeners as properly. To be extra-safe, search for natural varieties. Or, take issues into your individual arms and make your favourite condiments at dwelling utilizing wholesome, complete meals. Here are some wholesome condiments you may whip up at any time when the temper strikes.

Easy Vegan Mayo

Healthy condiments: Easy vegan mayo

This easy, plant-based vegan condiment is mayo after which some. Not solely can or not it’s your go-to unfold for plant-based burgers, bowls, and sandwiches, however you too can use it as a base for different flavored sauces. Add garlic to make an aioli, jalapeño to make a spicy dip, or curry to make an Indian-inspired unfold. The choices are infinite!

Lemon Tahini Sauce

Healthy condiments: Lemon tahini sauce

The nutty tahini mixed with lemon and cumin makes for the right mix on this sauce that’s so good, it’s virtually drinkable (no judgment right here)!  Add a bit extra water than what’s listed within the recipe for a scrumptious salad dressing. Or depart it as is for a flavorful sauce that’s yummy on high of grain bowls, candy potatoes, or as a dip for veggies.

Garlicky Cheesy Hemp Spread

Healthy condiments: Garlicky cheesy hemp seed spread

The dietary evaluation for this tacky topper is fairly spectacular — beneficiant quantities of B nutritional vitamins, 5 grams of fiber per 2-tablespoon serving, with respectable ranges of zinc and selenium, as properly. Nutritional yeast provides it a tacky style, whereas miso lends an umami taste. And hemp affords an additional increase in diet. Made with solely 5 elements, this can be the only plant-based “cheese” you’ll ever make!

Vegan BBQ Sauce

Healthy condiments: Vegan bbq sauce

Enjoy this candy and tangy vegan condiment in a sandwich, on high of baked natural tempeh or tofu, or with grilled greens. This home made model tempts your style buds with a savory mix of spices in nutrient-dense natural tomato paste with out extreme sugar.

Mint Chutney

Healthy condiments: Mint chutney

Can condiments be refreshing? This chutney positive is! Made with recent mint, cilantro, avocado, and lemon, you’re receiving a pleasing mix of vitamins with every tablespoon. This Mint Chutney comprises wholesome fats from avocado, vitamin C from the greens, and citrus, not to point out loads of phytonutrients!

Healthy Condiments for the Win

Woman with veggies and dip ignjatovic

Condiments are an effective way to brighten up abnormal dishes and meals. By pondering “outside the squeeze bottle,” you may deliver fabulous flavors and nice textures into your weight-reduction plan with out filling your self with junky elements. Healthy condiments can delight your palate and improve your life!

Tell us within the feedback:

  • What are your favourite wholesome condiments?
  • What new condiment would you like to strive subsequent? And what’s going to you set it on?
  • Are there any uncommon condiments that you simply like?

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