Here’s my concept concerning the origins of product placement: Some visionary oat farmer approached Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and stated, “Hey, I’ll give you a share in my oat mill if you change the food in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ from toast to oatmeal.” I could also be fallacious, however I’m not going to do the analysis, so I’ll by no means know. My level is, there’s extra to oats than figuring out their superb temperature for breakfast. To discover out which oats are “just right” for you, let’s discover their origin, vitamin, makes use of, and well being results.

Many vitamin consultants suggest oats as a wholesome breakfast staple — and a mainstay of a nourishing and satisfying plant-based weight loss plan. Luckily, their enthusiasm is justified, as oats have demonstrated their well being advantages to generations of researchers, all the best way again to Baby Bear. In reality, once we requested our Food Revolution Summit audio system what they eat for breakfast, a lot of them instructed us that oats had been their #1 breakfast alternative.

Although they make up just one% of the world’s cereal manufacturing, oats are probably the most generally eaten forms of entire grains within the United States. Many individuals bake with oats. And oatmeal is extra common than ever. According to current shopper surveys, cooked oatmeal is outperforming chilly cereals, largely because of its comfort and well being advantages. And as extra individuals transfer away from ingesting conventional dairy milk, oat milk gross sales have skyrocketed. Surveys present that individuals like the flexibility of oat milk in addition to its gentle style, pleasing texture, and the environmentally sustainable practices employed by many oat milk producers.

So what’s so particular about oats? Are there any downsides to purchasing or consuming them? And what are some methods you should use oats in your weight loss plan?

What Are Oats?

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Oats are the small, cream-colored, and oval-shaped grains faraway from the cereal plant Avena sativa. In addition to meals (and now drinks), you’ll discover oats in natural tinctures,  skincare merchandise like face wash and physique lotion, (did you ever add powdered oats to your tub to appease the itching of rooster pox or pores and skin rash?) in addition to animal feed.

Humans have cultivated oats for over 5,000 years. And at the moment, they’re grown on each inhabited continent. They develop properly in temperate climates with cool, moist summers. With the highest three world oat producers being Russia, Canada, and Australia.

Parts of the Avena Sativa (Oat) Plant

The important elements of the Avena Sativa plant embrace the seed (oat), leaves, stems (referred to as the oat straw), and the bran — which is the outer layer of all entire grains. The completely different components every have distinctive makes use of and dietary advantages.

  • Milky Oat Seed: These are oats that had been early-harvested and are most frequently used as a complement for leisure. Harvesting the oats so early on this kind means they preserve extra of their pure minerals like magnesium and potassium.
  • Mature Oat Seed: This is the complete seed of the oat, together with the edible half and the inedible outer husk. If you need to farm oats, you’ll have to plant oat seeds.
  • Whole Oat Groats: These are the hulled kernels of the oats. Their outer husk must be eliminated earlier than consuming to make them digestible. Whole groats embrace the germ, bran, and endosperm.
  • Oat Straw: This refers back to the stems and leaves of the oat plant, that are most frequently used to make livestock feed, bedding, and dietary supplements designed to spice up temper, relieve irritation, and support in anxiousness. These components of the plant comprise very excessive ranges of iron in addition to zinc and magnesium.
  • Oat Beta-Glucan: Also generally known as the oat bran, that is the outer layer of the oat groat. It incorporates the soluble fiber extracted from the oat plant and is commonly utilized in recipes in addition to a complement to help coronary heart well being.

Oat Nutrition Facts

Oats is probably not the flashiest meals on the shelf, however they certain are nutritious. These little grains are a wonderful supply of an array of nutritional vitamins and minerals, together with manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, copper, biotin, vitamin B1, magnesium, chromium, and zinc. Whole oats are additionally chock stuffed with antioxidant compounds and phytonutrients like saponins and beta-glucans, which have lots to do with their disease-fighting properties.

As entire grains go, oats are an excellent supply of each soluble and insoluble fiber, offering 15% of your every day wants in only a ½ cup (40 gram) serving. Oats are additionally a surprisingly excessive supply of plant-based protein. You’ll discover 15 grams in a 1 ½ cup bowl of ready rolled oats, which supplies about one-quarter of a median 160-pound individual’s every day requirement. So your morning oatmeal can clear you out, like a Roomba in your intestines, feed your hungry microbiome, and assist pump you up!

Since the oat plant has so many usable components, we will’t simply discuss “oat nutrition.” What you get, and the way a lot, will depend on what a part of the oat plant you’re consuming. Whole grain oat processors retain as a lot of the entire oat grain as they’ll to optimize its vitamin. In this state of affairs, solely the outer shell — referred to as the hull — is faraway from the grains, leaving you with probably the most nutrient-dense entire grain oat potential. But not all oats are ready in an optimally nutritious manner. We’ll revisit the assorted types of oats and oat merchandise you should purchase later.

6 Health Benefits of Oats

rolled oats on counter making heart shape

If you don’t already devour oats like Goldilocks and Baby Bear, listed here are a number of causes chances are you’ll need to add them to your weight loss plan.

1. May assist stability your blood sugar.

Eating oats has been proven to assist management excessive blood sugar, a symptom of kind 2 diabetes that may trigger heart problems, neuropathy, and kidney injury if uncontrolled. In a 2016 randomized management examine revealed within the journal Nutrients, researchers examined the results of consuming oats on obese adults with kind 2 diabetes. In the examine, 445 people had been randomized into 4 teams: no-intervention management, low-fat and high-fiber weight loss plan (together with cereals like rice, wheat, black rice, and millet), and two variations of the low-fat and high-fiber weight loss plan that changed 50 and 100 grams of cereals with oats, respectively.

After 30 days, the 50-gram and 100-gram oat teams had probably the most discount in blood sugar, in addition to probably the most enchancment in different illness biomarkers. And after a full yr, the 100-gram oat eaters nonetheless loved higher blood glucose ranges. As an additional benefit, they loved decrease triglyceride ranges, too. Clearly, porridge within the bowl is not any flash within the pan.

2. May allow you to drop pounds.

In the identical 2016 examine described above, the members who consumed oats frequently additionally ended up experiencing probably the most enchancment of their weight and waist circumference. The researchers concluded that oats are an optimum entire grain alternative for obese people, particularly these with diabetes. Why? They hypothesized it was largely because of the oat beta-glucans, which can enhance meal heartiness, cut back starch digestion, and enhance satiety to assist stop overeating.

In a 2015 examine revealed in Food & Nutrition Research, researchers checked out knowledge amongst 14,690 kids ages 2-18 years to find out weight-related variations between oatmeal and non-oatmeal customers. They discovered that children who ate oatmeal had total higher nutrient consumption, weight loss plan high quality, and a decrease threat for weight problems, which was once more attributed to the fiber and beta-glucan content material of oats.

three. May assist decrease excessive ldl cholesterol.

You may need seen “heart healthy” labels on oatmeal and oat merchandise on the grocery retailer. It seems, that is greater than only a meals business advertising and marketing ploy. Oats are probably the most ceaselessly really helpful meals for individuals with excessive ldl cholesterol, or who produce other threat elements for coronary heart illness, due to their means to enhance these biomarkers. Research signifies that the cholesterol-lowering results of oats are associated to their beta-glucan. The results seem extra distinguished when eaten within the type of unrefined beta-glucan-rich, oat-based meals, and diminish significantly when beta-glucan is used as an added ingredient. So in case you’re ever in an elevator with a stranger who turns to you and pronounces, “I lowered my cholesterol,” they is probably not a paid actor in any case.

four. May alleviate pores and skin irritation and irritation.

Oatmeal is a standard ingredient in pores and skin merchandise like tub mixes and physique lotions due to its means to appease irritation. Oats comprise antioxidants that will play a task in anti-aging and inhibiting pores and skin irritation from free radicals. They additionally provide compounds referred to as avenanthramides that shield the pores and skin from ultraviolet radiation and stop irritation. And as a bonus, saying “avenanthramides” on a regular basis most likely strengthens your tongue and cheek muscle mass.

5. May be good for mind well being.

Whole grains like oatmeal are a superb supply of vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative injury. Vitamin E has been extensively studied for its potential neurological advantages. In reality, researchers have discovered that reducing ranges of vitamin E within the blood are related to poorer reminiscence efficiency. And analysis has discovered that ranges of vitamin E are usually decrease amongst people with Alzheimer’s illness.

6. May have anticancer properties.

While most obtainable analysis on beta-glucans is said to coronary heart well being, it seems that they might even have cancer-protective traits. In reality, the beta-glucans in oats have been proven to stimulate the immune system, assist combat infections, and have anti-cytotoxic and tumor-fighting properties. The antioxidant results of avenanthramides in oats can also contribute to their cancer-fighting contributions.

Downsides to Eating Oats

woman grimacing while holding stomach

Overall, oats are a low-risk, high-reward meals. However, regardless of their quite a few well being advantages, there are some things to remember in case you’re new to the oat sport.

Oats are excessive in soluble fiber, which is sweet for digestion, however it might additionally trigger bloating, elevated fuel, and stomach cramps for some individuals. As with different fiber-rich meals, that is extra prone to occur in case you aren’t used to consuming a high-fiber weight loss plan.

But don’t quit on oats in the event that they do a quantity on you at first. Your digestion is sort of a muscle, and it’s a must to train it to make it stronger and extra succesful. These unwanted side effects normally go away on their very own as soon as your digestive tract adapts to the elevated fiber consumption. Increase your oat consumption slowly, and make sure you drink sufficient water, which helps the fiber transfer by way of your digestive tract.

Phytates in Oats

Some individuals could also be involved about phytates in oats, that are compounds present in a number of plant meals, together with, not simply oats, but in addition beans and lentils. And that may block the absorption of sure minerals. The excellent news is that the majority phytates in oats are discovered of their outer hull. If your concept of enjoyable is chewing on uncooked, unprocessed, entire oats, chances are you’ll ingest extra phytates than one may like. (If you suppose your concept of enjoyable may be chewing on uncooked, unprocessed oats, you’re nearly definitely mistaken.)

Since most of us eat processed oats (sure, rolled oats and even steel-cut oats are processed) which are cooked in a roundabout way previous to consumption, we absorb minimal quantities of phytates. Plus, you’ll be able to cut back the phytate content material just by soaking entire oats previous to cooking and consuming them. (This trick works for legumes as properly, by the best way.) And I’d argue that the advantages of consuming oats far outweigh this potential draw back. The extra vital factor to find out about phytates, in my expertise, is that utilizing the phrase in Scrabble will get you 50 bonus factors for clearing your rack.

Who Should Avoid Oats

But some persons are higher off avoiding oats altogether. These people can embrace anybody who’s gluten-intolerant or who has recognized Celiac illness. While oats are innately gluten-free of their entire, unprocessed state, they’re sadly a high-risk grain for cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains. When oats are ready and processed by way of packaging crops, they might are available in contact with gluten. However, some producers acknowledged this as a major concern for customers and invested in third-party testing to make sure that their oats are licensed gluten-free.

Still, this is probably not sufficient to handle the basis drawback for some individuals with Celiac illness. Interestingly, there’s additionally some documentation of Celiacs reacting particularly to proteins in oats referred to as prolamins, so oats should not usually really helpful for this inhabitants. 

Lastly, whereas uncommon, some persons are allergic to the oat protein referred to as avenin. Like different allergic responses, an avenin response might embrace signs like blotchy pores and skin, mouth and throat irritation, congestion, itchy eyes, digestive upset, and in extreme instances, bother respiratory or anaphylaxis. If you suppose you could have an avenin or oat allergy, then you need to, maybe clearly, keep away from oats. Your healthcare supplier can prescribe a take a look at that may affirm the prognosis.

Are Oats Sustainable?

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More excellent news for oat lovers! They aren’t simply good for you, they are often good for the planet, too. (In addition, in fact, to mares and does, however not little lambs, who apparently are keen on foliage.)

Oats provide many sustainability advantages. Planting them earlier within the rising season, adopted by a canopy crop like peas, can assist interrupt pest cycles and replenish the soil. (If you see cutworms and locusts wandering round a area completely disoriented, questioning the place the oats went, and why there are pea crops all over the place, you understand this technique labored.) A canopy crop grown following oats can also add sufficient nitrogen to the soil to considerably cut back the necessity for nitrogen-rich fertilizer — serving to to decrease greenhouse fuel emissions.

And after they’re planted through the wet spring, oats assist the soil soak in water, stopping erosion and lack of vitamins. Introducing oats additionally retains roots within the floor all yr, which may enhance water high quality by decreasing nitrogen runoff into waterways.

Unfortunately, some oats, when not licensed natural, might comprise glyphosate (a possible, carcinogenic weed-killer that’s typically used as a desiccant to dry the crop out earlier than harvest). But, there’s a rising motion away from this observe. As of January 2021, Richardson International, Canada’s largest agribusiness firm, started to refuse oat crops sprayed with glyphosate or different chemical desiccants.

Oat Milk

How does sustainability look in relation to oat milk? While a brand new business within the United States, oat milk has been proving itself in different nations for years. And what we’ve seen appears to be like fairly good.

The Swedish-based firm Oatly, particularly, makes sustainability practices a main focus of their oat milk. They staff up with native farmers wherever they distribute merchandise to and ship used oat kernel hulls to farms and biogas services — for use as a part of fertilizer and animal feed — as a substitute of it going into landfills. Oatly packaging can be technically recyclable, in response to their FAQ web page, though many US recycling services don’t presently recycle beverage cartons.

Not all is ideal in oat-milk-land, nonetheless. Some varieties use canola or rapeseed oil, which can be genetically modified except it’s licensed natural or licensed non-GMO. And many oat milks are additionally excessive in sugar. Oatly additionally got here beneath hearth lately for receiving a $200 million funding from Blackstone Group, which is concerned in Amazonian deforestation in Brazil. This led many customers to boycott the model.

So there’s work to do to enhance the sustainable oat motion, however I’d wish to suppose we’re off to a reasonably good begin, particularly whenever you examine oat cultivation and processing to different milk sources, together with cows (which trigger appreciable environmental hurt) and almonds (which use greater than their justifiable share of water).

Should You Buy Organic Oats or Oat Products?

As of 2018, a lot of oat merchandise had been discovered to comprise regarding ranges of glyphosate. Testing performed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) discovered glyphosate in each pattern of oat-based breakfast cereal and related oat meals — like granola bars — which are marketed to children. These included many distinguished and common manufacturers, together with Cheerios, Quaker, and KIND, in addition to “health food” manufacturers like Nature’s Path, Kashi, Barbara’s, Whole Foods, and Bob’s Red Mill.

However, natural oat merchandise had considerably decrease ranges of glyphosate in comparison with merchandise made with conventionally-grown oats. What’s extra, ⅔ of the natural oat merchandise didn’t exhibit detectable quantities. And none of them exceeded the EWG security threshold.

What this tells me is that because of the widespread use of RoundUp, and its saturation in lots of oat-based merchandise, it’s finest to purchase natural oats each time potential.

Types of Oat Products

vegan oat muffins on cooling rack

If you’re questioning find out how to inform the distinction between the assorted forms of oats and oatmeal merchandise on the grocery retailer, right here’s a rundown of what completely different labels imply and find out how to finest use them.

Oat Groats

These are probably the most entire type of oats the place you’ll discover the complete oat kernel minus the husk. The kernel consists of the germ, endosperm and bran — layers that present nutritional vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and each soluble and insoluble fiber. This extremely nutritious oat product simply requires rinsing and soaking in a single day. To put together, you simply boil them in some water for round 20 minutes and serve identical to oatmeal.

Steel Cut Oats

These are oat groats which were minimally processed just by utilizing metal cutters to chop the grains into a couple of items every. This leads to coarse oatmeal finest used to cook dinner into conventional, hearty porridge. They are generally referred to as Scottish or Irish oats, however actual Scottish oats are ready by stone-grinding.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are metal minimize oats which were steam-softened and rolled into flake shapes. They can are available in “old-fashioned” kind or “quick” kind, the latter which means they’ve been rolled thinner and steamed longer. Rolled oats typically are sometimes utilized in baking to make muffins, pancakes, home made granola, or a smoother, finer oatmeal breakfast. The quick-cooking or “instant” rolled oats are normally the sort present in single-serving oatmeal packets on the grocery store. Your physique digests on the spot oats extra rapidly. And as such, they’ll trigger your blood glucose to rise sooner. So not like thicker rolled oats, they don’t seem to be a low glycemic meals. Instant oats fall beneath the medium class of the glycemic index.

Jumbo Rolled Oats

These are rolled oats, however the flakes should not made fairly as small. Jumbo rolled oats are sometimes used to make a thicker porridge with extra texture, and even used of their uncooked kind to make muesli — a breakfast dish of uncooked oats with chopped fruit and nuts.


Oatmeal is made by rolling and breaking entire oats into quite a lot of oat “grades” starting from coarse oatmeal to high-quality oatmeal. Traditional oatmeal is used for muffin crumb toppings, or to make scones, biscuits, crumbles, in addition to different breakfast and non-breakfast meals.

Oat Flour

Oat flour is made by grinding oats right into a powder — which may vary from coarse to high-quality — to be used in making baked items. It can be used to thicken stews and soups.

Cooking with Oats

woman using rolled oats to make meal

If you’re questioning find out how to cook dinner with oats, listed here are a couple of concepts. In addition to oatmeal and porridge, you should use oats as an alternative choice to flour in baking recipes, like breads and muffins. You can even use them so as to add vitamins and assist home made veggie burgers stick collectively. Oats are an excellent addition to home made granola and granola bars, in addition to desserts like crisps and crumbles. Soaked oats can go into smoothies, too, including fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals with little or no taste impression.

Oat Recipes

Now that you understand a number of the methods oats are good for you and the planet, let’s have a look at a number of the finest methods to include extra oats into your weight loss plan.

1. Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

carrot cake overnight oats in jar

Yes, you learn that proper — carrot cake for breakfast is a factor. However, this carrot cake is excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals that can assist to energy you thru the morning and past. The subsequent neatest thing to this breakfast’s vitamin is the time it takes to arrange it, which is lower than 5 minutes! The magic occurs whilst you sleep. And the enjoyable occurs whenever you get up and get to indulge on this tasty and nutritious in a single day oats recipe.

2. Hearty and Healing Lentil Burgers

hearty and healing lentil burger on cutting board

Fun reality about oats: When you grind oats to make oat flour or oatmeal, the ingredient can act as a binder for plant-based burgers — as demonstrated on this Hearty and Healing Lentil Burger. What’s extra, the oats of their floor state nonetheless add the identical quantity of therapeutic fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals that you just’d get in your conventional oatmeal breakfast. Consider it a sneaky and practical manner so as to add much more vitamins to your plant-based meals.

three. Kale and Mushroom Oat Groats

kale and mushroom oat groats in bowl

Haven’t tried savory oats but? This is your likelihood to fall in love with the flexibility of oats utilizing entire oat groats! It’s creamy from the pressure-cooked oats and coconut milk, and savory with a contact of umami from the tamari sauteed mushrooms. Add some nutrient-dense kale and high with dietary yeast and herbs, and also you may end up with a brand new savory breakfast or dinner staple.

Make Oats a Staple in Any Diet

Happy mother and son eating oatmeal

Oats are a flexible, handy, and extremely nutritious meals that may be loved in some ways. Although some individuals, together with these with Celiac illness, might need to keep away from them, oats generally is a welcome addition to a nutritious diet — particularly if you will get organically grown oats to keep away from glyphosate contamination. So if you wish to be like Goldilocks, Baby Bear, mares, and does, strive a couple of new oat recipes. And perhaps even make oatmeal an everyday approach to begin your day!

Tell us within the feedback:

  • What are some methods you wish to take pleasure in oats?
  • If you don’t frequently eat oats already, what are some new methods you’re wanting ahead to attempting them?
  • Have you ever used oats or oat flour in baking? What did you suppose?

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